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Chris Gosnell

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Why hire a professional videographer? A spontaneous testimony

I appreciate this spontaneous testimony from Arlene Moss of Kimberlite Coaching.  She and I were filming her most recent set of website video  in studio when she erupted in to “If I ever ask why I am paying to do these videos, remind me of this moment!”  Then, Arlene began to talk about what she sees of me  and my direction behind the camera, and how it makes her feel.

She talked about the confidence it gives her to hear me tell her when she needs to do a retake, which happens sometimes, and when she did just fine, which is more the case.  “Sometimes we get too much in our head.”  I agreed.  I hear it all the time from others who try to do their own website video; there are so many places where you can get tripped up.

As a camera operator, I put you in the right light, great angles, great lenses.  As a director, I help you know when your’e on track and when we need to shoot a second take.  So much more effective and easy on the mind to have someone do that thinking for you, and instill confidence in what you’re saying.

Well, enough of me saying it for Arlene;  I’ll let her speak for herself.


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