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Chris Gosnell

Photographer, Videographer, Owner

Why you would love making video with Chris!

I absolutely love working with Julie Miller Davis. She and I have been working together since the very beginning of her business, and we just keep having more and more fun together.

This past month, Julie decided to take an online course she already had and upgrade to professional video. She was an absolutely rock star; changing wardrobe for each one and bringing the same amazing energy every video.

When editing, I added graphics on screen to emphasize what she was saying. That really helps the viewer keep up with what’s happening and creates a visual break. I also film with two cameras on the subject; one wide and one closer angle. This also breaks things up visually and gives me an added bonus of being able to switch camera angles at edit points, making the end result look seamless.

I finished up each video with a custom thumbnail, featuring a still shot from that particular module and the title of the module and lesson. When uploading to YouTube, I added end cards that lead the viewer to the next module in the course, allowing them to continue on with minimal effort.

It was a pleasure working with Julie and creating this course with her. Please check out this Prioritze with Power course on her website! (www.juliemillerdavis.com)

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